Office Work

Working in an office is not like it is on The Office. (Surprising, I know.) In my admittedly limited experience, working in an office means navigating people’s annoying personalities. It means trying (and failing) to understand why certain things are important to your boss and others are not. It means consistently toning down your outward frustration. It means being bored out of your mind sometimes and often wondering how the heck people work in an office for their entire adult life.

So, I guess it’s sort of like The Office, except without all the hilarious moments, ridiculous situations, and endearing personality quirks that help you get over the fact that you work in an office.

I work in a small office, by the way. This isn’t one of those cool, trendy, open-concept offices with mostly young people and modern furniture. I work with only three other people, all women, and I’m the youngest and only non-married person.

I’ve been stir-crazy lately. Again. I am 100% positive I’m not doing what I want to do. I work at a non-profit, and that’s about it for how it lines up with my own interests or with what I thought I wanted.

There’s nothing like a not-so-great work situation (along with some late-night motherly counseling) to get you motivated to really change things up.

I have some personal creative goals I’ve set for myself. In vague terms, I’ve promised myself I will draw more, write more, and really delve into what makes me legitimately happy. (And I will almost certainly be applying to master’s programs in the near future.)

I’m really trying to listen to myself now more than ever.




2 thoughts on “Office Work

    1. I got started in non-profits in college, mostly because one of my majors was Sociology. I have a lot of friends who’ve gone into non-profit work. Some are very rewarding to be a part of! Others not so much… I worked with kids at another non-profit before my most recent job (which I just quit) and, though often stressful, I felt like I was doing genuinely meaningful work.


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