Back from an unintentional hiatus…

Hey. So, I haven’t posted on here in quite a while. And that wasn’t a conscious thing at all. I’m just really good at vaguely intending to do things and then never doing them. And I’m really good at convincing myself that I will.

I’ve honestly been sort of wallowing in my lack of direction in life. I’ve been in a funk pretty much since I graduated from college in December. The transition is really strange and I’ve always been pretty terrible at dealing with transitions. I’m not one of those go-getter types, so I usually feel lost in the shuffle. But, I think (and hope) I’m slowly getting out of my funk. So that’ll be good news for my reading and writing and art, which have all been lacking as of late.

Here’s to being more active (on- and offline) and consistently posting! (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself… Nah.) I’ll be back with another post soon!


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