(V/G)alentine’s Day

I loved Valentine’s Day when I was little. In elementary school, we would cut holes in the lids of shoeboxes and elaborately decorate them with wrapping paper and stickers and brightly colored cotton balls. I would go to the store with my mom and browse the shelves to get my hands on the perfect valentines. I would usually settle on ones featuring Disney characters. Then I would find a big bag of candy bars or lollipops and write names on the cards and carry them to school in a brown paper bag. It was always so fun to walk around the room and slide valentines into each of my classmates’ boxes.

Now it’s the day that we love to hate. As adults, all the advertisements tell us that the only significant type of love is of the romantic variety.1890403_10151937138889290_2020792716_o

This is where Galentine’s Day comes in.

If you aren’t aware, Galentine’s Day is the brainchild of the glorious Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation. It’s a day of celebrating your lady friends, and it’s pretty wonderful. Technically, it’s on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day, but my friends and I have celebrated sometime right around, or on, Valentine’s Day.

If you’re single and/or cynical (or indifferent) about the ‘day of love,’ get some friends together and enjoy each other’s company over dinner and drinks! On February 14th, some of us tend to forget how many other people are also single, or not obnoxiously lovey-dovey, so this is a fun way to get together and express how much you love those friends who provide you with love and laughs.

Rock on, lady friends!


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